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Feature & Series

Structure of Disc Type for BJ Series

  • BJ series disc type consists of an outer race, an inner race, 6 steel balls, a cage and a shaft.
    The inner side of outer race and outer side of inner race have a spherical shape, and there are 6 ball grooves each in an arc shape in the axial direction. 6 steel balls held in the cage are placed in the ball groove and transmit torque in the rotation direction.

Feature of BJ Series Disc Type

  • High Speed Rotation The disc-shaped outer race and special boots enable rotation at a relatively high speed.
  • Easy to install It can be easily attached to the device since it can be slide with the inner race on the free side and the shaft spline. It is easy to center by using flange hub(Option) .
  • Short Length The thin outer race shape of the disc enables a short length.
  • Easy to Refuel The disc type has a grease nipple, so it can be easily refueled with a grease gun.
  • Molybdenum Coating The NKN CV joints has a molybdenum disulfide coating on its internal parts which has an effect on initial absorption. Therefore, the durability is also improved by reducing friction resistance.
  • Smooth Rotation and silence Accurate processing technology, proper heat treatment and surface treatment enable smooth rotation, so there is little vibration and noise, strength and durability are excellent.

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