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NKN Driveshaft

Since 1985, NKN has built up a strong position as a leading manufacturer in the world offering the best quality driveshaft. Today, we feature an extraordinary range of driveshafts for Japanese and foreign cars that’s globally recognized. Moreover, we have received numerous enquiries of original driveshaft for Racing and Electric vehicles in recent years.

NKN will keep challenging to develop high quality driveshaft that meet the on going demand and changes of automobile market.

Line Up for Driveshaft

NKN offers 3 lineup of driveshaft product that can be used for variety of Japanese and foreign cars in the aftermarket.


NKN offers wide products range of driveshafts for aftermarket including Japanese, Korean and Western vehicles manufactured worldwide. We will continue to research the market demand and expand our product range in order to respond to broad customer needs.

Quality Control

NKN products are always conducted a series of strict inspection by high skilled staff with long experience and inspection knowledge using highly accurate instruments such as coordinate measuring machine. We never compromise the quality of products.Today, NKN products have recognized as the best quality from among a number of products in the world.

OEM Supply

NKN’s highly durable driveshafts due to our sophisticated technical development are widely used at various fields and locations including an endurance race. We have received numerous and various enquiries for developing NKN original driveshaft such as for Electric vehicles and mobility vehicles for the last few years.

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