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Why NKN Joints?
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Why NKN Joints?

See the future and look for the products you need !!!!

Answer is very simple.  Hi tech is not enough to explain our situation. Our products starts from Quality and ends with Quality including the relationship forever with anyone who showed interest toward our products range.

It is very simple to know NKN Ltd Japan and the products itself. We NKN just want to have the maximum result among the entire efforts that you did and that we did. Please take a look at that pop up stand where can you find the Cheetah that is running with maximum velocity.

In addition to this factor there is very important subject right here. We NKN want to realize anything together with you instead of NKN alone. NKN is you all. Our face come from you and starts from you. Nothing is possible with out you all. You are NKN and you are the people to enhance the business of NKN with the help of CV Joint center.

Anyway, we kindly and sincerely ask all of you, gentlemen, to pay your special attention to our web-site details which contains the entire NKN product sales and marketing know-how.

Simply Hi-Tech
  • Robotically controlled production - Consistent Quality
  • Unique Carburization & Quenching processes - Ensures Durability
  • All Joints are Molybdenum coated
We cater to all your requirements
  • Wide range of applications
  • Cost effective-Mass production technology
  • Proactive R & D takes care of continuous demands and changes of automotive market.
Only the best
  • High Grade Chromium Molybdenum steel used for CV Joints - Ensured Strength
  • Top Quality rubber boots - Enhances Durability
  • All Joints are Chemically treated - Protecting Corrosion
Customer Oriented
  • NKN supplies according to customer's requirements
  • Quick delivery periods
  • Competitive prices-Commensurate with quality
  • Flexibility in production to meet Specific market requirements
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