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Quality - Why NKN Joints Perform better ?

  1. Manufacturing All-Terrain Joints through a unique Quality Process.
  2. Carburized Heat Treatment
  3. Molybdenum Coated
  4. Robotic Controlled Production
  5. Top Quality Rubber Boots
  6. Excellent Track Record
  7. High Grade Materials
  8. Chemically Treated
  9. Numerically Controlled Consistent Quality
  10. Stringent Quality Control
1.Quality is a way of life at NKN. Stringent Quality controls & numerically controlled consistent production enhanced with Carburized hardening & quenching has given NKN Joints an enviable track record.Top

 2.Carburization & Quenching processes are unique to NKN. The process insures a stable & accurate case hardening which makes the drive shafts long lasting & durable.Top

3.Usage of Molybdenum coated ball groove of inner race as well as the cage reduces friction & provides the Joints with a longer life.Top

4.Computer controlled robots guarantee constant quality levels on all products. At NKN constant up gradation of latest technology & innovation makes the mass production cost effective & increases customer satisfaction.Top

5.Top quality Rubber specifications for the boot increases the life of the CV Joints by keeping the grease in and dirt & water out.Top

6.Resulting from NKN's commitment to Quality & Excellence has evolved an impeccable reputation all over the world, for manufacturing long lasting CV Joints for a wide range of applications. Top

7.High quality Chromium Molybdenum Steel forged in State of the Art cold forging technology which facilitates the manufacture of Joints with greater strength, durability and reliability.Top

8.All NKN Joints are chemically treated to develop endurance for wear & to protect against corrosion. The lubrication created with this also helps in a low noise levels & smoother operations. Top

9.Precision is the key word at NKN which is coupled with most modern production techniques to ensure flexibility in production to cater to the vast number of applications with ease.Top

10.Working towards the zero defect system NKN has established process lines with built in controls & checks at various stages from procuring the raw material to the finished product reaching a customer & in ensuring his or her satisfaction. Top

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