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During more than fourty years, we, NKN, have tried to improve the source of FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System) from the point of our own view. In order to comply with the overseas requirements which are complicated and varied and to manufacture the accurate and high quality standard products efficiently, we NKN, always introduce the advance technology and equipments and have built the manufacturing system as much as we can now.

And we are now approaching the work of cross groove joint which will be our target in next generation.  In order to accomplish those, we draw the full capacity of various kinds of machine equipments to achieve those.

And now we are making progress toward the high efficient manufacturing which are the results  of FMS by unifying and doing things smoothly in the movement of all the goods now in line.
  • FMC: Flexible manufacturing core
  • FMS: Flexible manufacturing System
Research and development
Seek possibility of workmanship toward unlimited technology.
It is our duty to manufacture item which we can find among the need of overseas customers. In the case of manufacturing those, the section of research and development become major factors as the center of technology . During the process of manufacturing, it will be one of the important task for us to utilize the most advanced CNC machine tool for applying and developing new technology.

That is, the purpose of those is to reflect the data highly in order to develop product, which were analyzed organically based on the information collected from the market. In case we do not have such technology to match up with that specification, those will become our next theme for development.

We, NKN, have the attitude to develop any new items positively, while we are tackling new items that will be accepted by the customers in the world. And also, we are tackling to approach the heart of FMS, which is the pursuit of possibility further.
Challenging Spirit and Precise Engineering
Challenge the limit of quality control
Aility to manufacture the important precision parts such as Outer Race, Inner Race, Cage and Shaft and to Bring up the superior technician and introduces most advance technology and newest equipment positively are essential and such a firm base which have been built will be the major for us to develop the up-to-date products, even though we are not well known among spare parts traders.

We utilize the present advance facility and equipment for production, while we keep the old traditional idea to improve the quality standard precisely and further, bring up the technician such as skilful worker.

Continuously, challenge the work of product by the unit of micron and try to improve our quality control.
Highly Reliable Net Work
Manufacturing system required from all over the world.
The fact of entering into the international market as the Manufacture of Automotive Parts plays an important role itself more than our expectation now.

By complying with such a demand from overseas customers, the role which has to be made as one of the members to live in the international society in order to develop the overseas market is important and quite meaningful.

The factor that will be necessary is to provide the high quality products keeping pace with the time and to improve the services.

And we are approaching the future of FMS with customers absorbing the product planning and technology.

Therefore, we, NKN, try to increase the opportunity to meet with overseas customers in order to provide products smoothly and improve services. And then, realize the firm base of distribution channel, trying to make the strong sales network.

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