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CV Joint Out Board Kit
CV Joint In Board Kit
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CV Joint Out Board Kit

NKN produces & distributes Outboard CV Joints Specially developed with Molybdenum coating on ball groove of inner races as well as the cage. This has created an excellent track record for the Joints in terms of longer life for a wide range of vehicles from different parts of the world like Japanese, Asian, European & American.

With high - tech research & development facilities at disposal, the product range keeps increasing everyday and specific market requirements of different types of vehicles & models are met with ease.
The unique production systems with robotically controlled machines, precision engineer CV Joints made from high quality Chromium Molybdenum Steel by the State of the art cold forging manufacture facilities. Carburized heat treatment on the joints enhances the reliability & durability, which is only unique to NKN Joints.
CV Joint Molybdenum Grease Rubber Boot
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