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What is driveshaft?
Driveshafts are the parts to transmit rotating power from an engine to wheels. A large number of passenger cars nowadays adopt front-wheel drive. Driveshafts are used for those cars.

Driveshaft assembly

Outboard (tyre side)    Inboard (engine side)

A driveshaft consists of two constant velocity joints (CV joints) and a middle shaft assembled. An outboard joint connects a wheel hub, and an inboard joint connects a transmission gear. CV joints transmit rotating power without vibration and engine power loss regardless of any angular variation. CV joints are indispensable parts for both front wheel drive vehicles and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Driveshaft’s movement

Ball fixed joints are adopted for the tyre side. They can freely turn from side to side and up and down.

Double offset joints or tripod joints are adopted for the engine side. They are extendable as well as bendable.

NKN’s driveshaft

Only new products for the aftermarket .  

A wide range of product line-up corresponding to Japanese nine major automotive manufacturers. Carburized material has both surface hardness and internal toughness. Molybdenum disulphide coated material effectively functions to make smooth slidable contact face between metals. High-mix low-volume manufacturing and short-term delivery Items. Four kinds of items produced

Outboard joint kit Inboard joint kit Driveshaft assembly
    Outboard side (Tyre side)
Inboard side (Engine side)
Half driveshaft assembly Driveshaft assembly  
Applicable auto makers are as follows:





For automobile competition
NKN driveshafts are also chosen for rally cars.

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