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Why NKN Joints?
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Corporate Profile
  • NKN is a Leading Manufacturer of CV Joints for the Global Automotive Aftermarket
  • Compatible with Genuine Specifications
  • Offers wide range of joints with high quality, durability & strength.
  • Gives customers value for money
  • Impeccable Quality Track Record
  • State-of-the-Art Computerized Production System
  • Producing joints exceeding OEM quality

Osaka  is a city in Japan, located at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, in the Kansai region of the main island of Honshū.

Welcome to Japan

We NKN are challenging the future of new automotive industry, especially in the field of manufacturing constant velocity joints, pursing the maximum possibility whatever we can find, based on the strong reliability and support from the overseas customers.

As front wheel drive vehicle and independent suspension vehicle become ever more popular year by year, c.v.’s will become a bigger and bigger part of repair trade.

And we can recognize many changes which were complicated and varies in the consciousness of people against vehicles existing in the filed of information oriented society which are growing with accelerated speed.

Those environmental changes, which play an important role in the overseas market, makes us difficult to understand the preciousness of moving space such as automobiles and we were requested to provide spare parts for vehicles at functional and reasonable price level in order to preserve the importance of those space.

In order to comply with the promotion of market requirements, we NKN, introduce a advance CNC machine tool positively, improving the accuracy and function of products and those of which carry such factors are accepted only the customers in the overseas market, and will be one of the factor which can support the work of automotive spare parts.

We, NKN, are always pursuing the ideal production system by employing the excellent man of talent, who can bear the accurate work and introducing the most advance equipment and technology, and our self, adopting the computerized production system.

Our history carrying more than forty years experience of automotive spare parts work gives us warm reliability and strong support from the distributors of overseas market and importers.

In addition to these, we are not only trying our best to improve production technologies that have never been compromised, but also to acquire more advance technology and product know-how.In order to comply with the requirements of overseas customers, we are making a rapid progress to manufacture the high quality standard products by utilizing our present capacity as much as we can.

Each of the joints are assembled with utmost care at the factory.

The assembled joints are packed with the Boot, Clips and Nut.

The logistic department of the factory is taking care of the shipment according to the customer requirements.

NKN products are available in various countries across the world.

The company has also a user friendly website, and the online catalogue enables the user to find the newly developed range of products.

CV Joint – Outboard Kit
NKN produces & distributes Outboard CV Joints Specially developed with Molybdenum coating on ball groove of inner races as well as the cage.

CV Joint – Inboard Kit
Among the remarkable applications of NKN’s products, there are the Inboard CV Joint complete kits with undisputed Quality & reliability.

Half Shaft Assembly
To cater to the customers that are more used to Genuine CV Joints, NKN's half shaft assembly offers a unique solution.

Full Shaft Assembly
NKN’s Full Shaft assembly is a complete solution for the end user & has been designed and engineered for an easy installation.

CV Joint Boot Kit
With Top quality Rubber specifications for the boot, NKN Boot kit supplies an in-expensive solution for the customer to increase the life of the CV Joints.

Quality is a way of life at NKN. Stringent Quality controls & numerically controlled consistent production enhanced with Carburized hardening & quenching has given NKN Joints an enviable track record.

Precision is the key word at NKN which is coupled with most modern production techniques to ensure flexibility in production to cater to the vast number of applications with ease.

Working towards the zero defect system NKN has established process lines with built in controls & checks at various stages from procuring the raw material to the finished product reaching a customer & in ensuring his or her satisfaction.

Resulting from NKN's commitment to Quality & Excellence has evolved an impeccable reputation all over the world, for manufacturing long lasting CV Joints for a wide range of applications.
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