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Chairman Message
Ladies & Gentlemen,

My name is Nakatsuji, president of NKN, Ltd. It is my pleasure to introduce the current situation and future of replacement spares from Japan to entire world and relevant manufactures by utilizing the opportunity given here in NKN WEB-SITE.
According to my knowledge concerned, the market of replacement spare parts could grow and expand with the speed of motorization in Japan and other countries.

In spite of this factor, each maker and manufacture have continuously tied up with them and buy out their competitors in order to alive in the market.

In due course of time, they came up against the environment issue, which is most important subject in the world and they were obliged to change the way of growth at this time.

In order to comply with these circumstances, they were again obliged to develop the further new technology and focus on developing the smaller cars in order to maintain the production volume of their factory.

However, the time has come with the products that require the necessity of longer life with the durability after the ending of mass production and mass consumption which were very much popular in the world. This tendency will be applicable not only to the filed of automobiles but also the one of replacement spares parts.

I am very assure that our NKN products can contribute to the production of constant velocity joints in the world which are very much essential to front wheel drive small cars with the accumulation of production knowledge over the 43years.

That is, I am very much confident that our NKN c.v.joint is superior to any one of those in the world in terms of durability and value of its products and will be able to comply with the demand and expectation from the world.

It is my great pleasure to introduce our product range to all of you who are looking at our web site that recently reviewed.
I am very sure that I will be able to strengthen the connection with the people in this field through this opportunity in order to reach another step of production.

Now, I promise you to continue my efforts on improving our production standard from now on and future in order to be more involved in this field and those people concerned.

Thank you very much.


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