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With the constant technological research & developments, NKN promptly reacts to the ongoing demands and changes of the automotive markets. The efforts undertaken offer customers a very wide range of applications catering to specific market requirements. Committed to Quality and customer satisfaction for more than four decades NKN continuously upgrades the quality of operations in terms of the product, customer support and distribution network. With an eye towards the future and seeking partners to enter new areas, NKN has developed a tremendous trust with customers throughout the world, managing the distribution logistics through Dubai and Japan.

Thank you very much for choosing our NKN communication NKN-Web site, ladies and gentlemen. It is your faith and the trust you point us, which has enabled us to achieve the starting point of NKN relationship with you in so short a time at this opportunity. It is your good wished that would carry us over all obstacles. Once again, we are in gratitude of all of you who came to our NKN-web site and making things possible in terms of c.v.joint business. This is really the staring point between you and us in order to approach the global domination with your keen interest as well as backing up support. Let us introduce briefly about NKN at this time. Would you please be so kind enough to go through it with us for the future ?

We NKN are challenging the future of new automotive industry, especially in the field of manufacturing constant velocity joints, pursing the maximum possibility whatever we can find, based on the strong reliability and support from the overseas customers.

As front wheel drive vehicle and independent suspension vehicle become ever more popular year by year, c.v.’s will become a bigger and bigger part of repair trade.

And we can recognize many changes which were complicated and varies in the consciousness of people against vehicles existing in the filed of information oriented society which are growing with accelerated speed.

Those environmental changes, which play an important role in the overseas market, makes us difficult to understand the preciousness of moving space such as automobiles and we were requested to provide spare parts for vehicles at functional and reasonable price level in order to preserve the importance of those space.

In order to comply with the promotion of market requirements, we NKN, introduce a advance CNC machine tool positively, improving the accuracy and function of products and those of which carry such factors are accepted only the customers in the overseas market, and will be one of the factor which can support the work of automotive spare parts.

We, NKN, are always pursuing the ideal production system by employing the excellent man of talent, who can bear the accurate work and introducing the most advance equipment and technology, and our self, adopting the computerized production system.

Our history carrying more than forty years experience of automotive spare parts work gives us warm reliability and strong support from the distributors of overseas market and importers.

In addition to these, we are not only trying our best to improve production technologies that have never been compromised, but also to acquire more advance technology and product know-how.

In order to comply with the requirements of overseas customers, we are making a rapid progress to manufacture the high quality standard products by utilizing our present capacity as much as we can.

Our NKN C.V.Joint have been developed in accordance with the demand of Front Wheel Drive cars, which are now very popular among the passengers cars now existing and increasing throughout the world.

According to the analysts before, 40% of the car population in the United States in 1985 utilizes c.v.joint, which made it very important role for mechanical workers and spare parts people concerned to become familiar with the operation, features and service requirements of c.v. Drive Shaft.

On the other hand, in Europe, about 75% of present total car population is front wheel drive, it is predicted that by 2002, 80% of all American passenger cars will be front wheel drive, with the big three (Ford, Chrysler, and GM) moving strongly in that direction. When we go back to the Japanese cars, presently, among the passengers cars existing and the ones which will come along later on, 95% of those are using the c.v.joint in the position of front wheel drive line as well as the real wheel drive line.

In order to fulfill such demand which will created later on as replacements parts, our NKN products shall be supplied with sincere service at high quality level, which is now our Motto during the history of NKN, Ltd.

Now, our NKN is now on the way to be progressed to get customers needs and high and precise quality standard in those processes that we mentioned.

Look and see and catch our NKN products by your hand and be satisfied !!!!

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